Better you.

Better environment.

We want to hero your health without harming the planet - so we’ve created our new eco-friendly packaging to make that possible. Made from GMO-free corn sources and wood pulp, your daily vitamin packs can be composted at home. Meaning you never have to feel bad about feeling good.

Same great vitamins.

New eco-friendly packaging.

3 steps to a better you-niverse


Add your daily vitamin packs to your compost bin: If you’re composting in your green bin or your compost pile, a healthy balance of soil, temperature, moisture, oxygen and microorganisms are needed for the packaging to break down properly.


Add plenty of soil: especially if more compostable packaging is added to the mix. We don’t want your compost to stop working because the ratio is a little bit off.


Add patience: Within 6-12 weeks your daily vitamin packs should be composted.

Are you down

with getting dirty?

When you choose Vitally - the world is in the palm of your hands, literally. Our compostable vitamin packs are made from plants rather than fossil fuels, meaning their environmental benefits stretch far and wide. They come from the soil and turn back to soil when composted correctly by you.

FAQs: The world is full of stuff, so we’ll keep this simple.

Why Compostable not recyclable?

We believe no matter who you are or how little the act, small changes can create big impact. Our compostable vitamins packs have environmental benefits up the supply chain as well as at end of use. If composted properly, they turn back into soil quickly to help more plants grow.

What happens if a vitamin pack goes in landfill?

Making the seemingly impossible, possible. If a Vitally pack is accidentally disposed of in landfill, it will still turn into soil - far better for our planet than both recyclable and non-recyclable plastics, which often end up breaking down into micro-plastics and washing into waterways or the ocean and are harmful to aquatic life. However, the packs break down much faster if composted correctly.

What are the packs made from?

Our packaging is made from Econic Clear compostable films, which are derived from wood pulp and corn sources and have been internationally certified to the European and American compostability standards (EN13432 and ASTM6400).

Can the packs be recycled?

When compostables hit the recycling they may disrupt the recycling process, we recommend you steer clear of any recycling bins or stations for your Vitally packs. However, all our other packaging is recyclable. So, please home compost, find a local composting facility, ormake use of our return your pack service and we'll compost your vitamin packs for you.

Is it better if I shred or cut up my packs into small pieces?

Size isn’t everything when it comes to composting - your packs will likely break down at the same rate no matter how big or small.

Need a hand composting? We hear you. Partnering with Auckland based, you can have your Vitally packs collected and composted free of charge. Just email us, and we'll send a prepaid compostable mailer bag for you to send them back in (NZ only).