Our aim is to help people enjoy life to the fullest through honest advice and quality products.


Sick and tired of being sick and tired, Vitally founder Matt Hitchman, sought help from an effective but costly nutritionist, who recommended a uniform prescription of supplements. They helped but they were tedious - running out at different times coupled with frequent inconvenient trips to the store made for a short-lived journey to a healthier Matt. He wondered why something he was doing to make life easier had to be so difficult. That's where Vitally was born.

Tired of the mass-produced and generic vitamin offering in New Zealand, Vitally seeks to break the mould. Just as your health is unique to you, your nutrition should be too.



We guarantee premium quality supplements – in fact we’re committed to it. Formulated by an expert panel, we don’t compromise and ‘nasties’ are simply not in our DNA – everything in our range is there for a reason. Made from raw ingredients where possible, our vitamins and supplements have been tested for purity, quality and to verify the amounts and bioavailability. Our supplements are made to the highest standards and we assure the identity, strength, quality and purity of all our products.


We avoid using unnessesary artificial chemical binders, fillers and extraction processes to ensure maximum absorption of active ingredients. Each of our products have been tested and evaluated by our Advisory Board to ensure the highest quality. Where possible, products are made Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan Friendly and Organic. Unfortunately, this is not possible for every product (even we can’t make a vegan fish oil!), so instead you will find this information clearly displayed on our product pages.



Sometimes it feels like you need a PhD in chemistry just to navigate the health aisle. We don’t do confusing fine print, overstated claims or asterisks – we tell it how it is. Our team have examined and will continue to study the latest scientific research to ensure all recommendations and the quality of our products are in line with it - and as science adapts, we will too.

We classify each product according to the extent of scientific research undertaken:

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board offers extensive expertise across nutrition and health. We work with them to ensure we are providing the right recommendations and our offering is of the highest quality



With an avid interest in nutrition and exercise physiology and an extensive career combining both, Gavin’s experience is pivotal to Vitally’s ethos.  Gavin is an internationally recognised IOC (International Olympic Committee) Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist.  In addition to his nutrition qualifications, Gavin also has a Diploma in Fitness Training and Exercise Physiology, which has paved the way for his integrated approach to health.

Having worked around the world in elite sport for many years he has a wealth of experience in all aspects of nutrition.  Gavin is sought after worldwide for his extensive knowledge and expertise in the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements.  He currently runs a successful nutrition consulting practice in Auckland and his clientele includes athletes from a wide range of sports (amateur to elite), people trying to improve their body composition and health, and many clinical referrals from medical specialists.  Prior to this Gavin worked as a Senior Performance Nutritionist for High Performance Sport NZ and also the English and Scottish Institutes of Sport, and he has been the Lead Performance Nutritionist for many sports teams and organisations including NZ Cricket, NZ Athletics, NZ Warriors, NZ Kiwis Rugby League, the Blues Rugby, and NZ Breakers Basketball, England Cricket and England Rugby, and many more Olympic athletes and sports.


As a respected Fellow of the Royal College of Urgent Care Physicians and New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Marunga has a focused interest in the link between internal and external health. Dr Marunga completed his medical degree BHB and MBCHB at Auckland University in 1993, followed by a Diploma in Paediatrics in 1997 and Community Emergency Medicine in 2000. He then went on to be a Clinical Director at East Cares Accident and Emergency Clinic. With an increasing interest in cosmetic appearance, he then completed a Diploma in Appearance Medicine. Mark has a keen interest in the links between diet, internal and external wellness.


Hannah Gentile is the founder and lead nutritionist at Nourished by Nature, a New Zealand company specialising in fertility, pregnancy, and early childhood nutrition. Here she enjoys her varied work, from seeing clients, to writing content for the likes of health apps and educational institutes worldwide. When Hannah is not at work, she likes to run through the beautiful trails near her home in Queenstown, she is also a mum to two little munchkins who like to keep her extra busy.