How to keep yourself fit this winter

We all know how hard it is to keep yourself fit and motivated in a cold NZ winter. Freezing cold mornings and cold dark drab nights. Not very inspirational is it?! 

Yet we know that exercise is a tool we use to help keep our mental health and also our physical fitness in shape. 

When we don’t train we then feel bad, we also become tired and we use excuses not to train. Benefits of training include physical fitness, better moods, improved sleep and productive days. When you train, you wake up feeling great and it’s a flow on effect to a great day and a great night’s sleep. 

Key points to help keep you active...

1. Prepare yourself the night before

The night before an early morning workout, put your clothes beside your bed, along with your shoes, water bottle and towel. This will mean every time you walk past it it will remind you of your plans and you will feel bad if you hit the ‘snooze’ button and head back to sleep.

2. Book a class, meet a friend, or plan a workout.

Write it down. Book it in. If you lock in a date with a mate that’s a way of keeping you accountable. If you book a class there’s usually a cut-off time before you get penalised. That means you gotta do it right?

3. Allow yourself an hour a day

Everyone has different schedules and has different times they can or are able to train. I’m a morning person and I know if I allow myself time to get up 45-60 mins earlier, I can get a workout in undisturbed….. my endorphins are fizzed and I’m then prepared for a productive day. If I don’t do it then I’ll delay it until after work when I usually become busy… then frustrated and then it flows on to bad moods etc.

Put aside an hour a day, liase with your loved one and make sure you still have time for each other but a little time for yourself goes a long way.

4. Set yourself some personal challenges

It might be take the dogs for a walk 3 x per week, or run the block with your child or do so many burpees every day for the month. Try your best to get something in and something that’s attainable.

5. Make it fun

A lot of people think about exercise and go in with the mindset that they exercise because they have to not that they want to. 

Exercise isn’t meant to be unenjoyable, so you gotta do what works for you. If you don’t like running and you are going to complain about it or have negative thoughts about it then simply don’t do it.

There are so many styles of training now that cater to all fitness levels so surely something out there will cater to you, we just have to work out what that is.

There are more individual styles of training like mountain biking, swimming, weights etc to name a few…. These are great but require a more determined individual to be successful.

Group fitness is something that you will be pushed and encouraged more by your pairs/ a trainer.

Group fitness, yoga, boxing, any type of circuit training is a great way to keep fit and be social.

6. Tick the boxes

We are a time poor society these days (or at least we think we are). We don’t allow ourselves enough time as per Point 3.

If you can have fun, be social, keep fit and do it all within an hour that’s ticking boxes.

If we drag exercise out and make it more time consuming than it really is then we do it less because we make it seem like its more hassle than it’s worth.

You don’t want to walk the hills in the freezing cold for an hour, then grab a coffee for an hour and leave feeling like you haven’t worked out.

Hit a group fitness class, meet a stranger, take a friend… have fun, push yourself and tick all the boxes within 45mins.

7. If you don’t want to go to the gym or can’t afford it….

There are many providers or people on social media where you can nab some at home workouts from for free and you can sneak a few minutes here and there to get amongst some basic bodyweight workouts.