A definitive list of the key vitamins you need to stay cold & flu-free this winter

With the colder months fast approaching and temperatures starting to drop, the sniffles are officially (and unfortunately) on standby. Work stress ramps up, holidays feel like a lifetime ago, and our immunity drops as we get too busy to prioritise our winter wellness.

Lucky with Vitally’s daily vitamins packs, you can keep your immune system strong, supported and at the top of its game over the next few months! But the question remains: what should you be taking? 

Vitamin C

It’s everyone’s go-to - and for good reason! Vitamin C is naturally found in many fruits and vegetables, but taking a supplement in conjunction – especially in winter – is highly recommended. People are right when they say that increasing your Vitamin C can help you feel better if a cold is brewing - it is packed with antioxidants which help combat the winter chills and the destructive effect of free radicals which often find their way into your body. 

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is one of those holy grail supplements; not only is it great for helping cognition and brain function, but it also offers so many benefits for immunity. It’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for general health. Supplementing Fish Oil can boost your immune system to prevent winter illnesses arising, and it helps the body fight inflammation (which can often be caused by a winter related illness). On top of this, it can also boost your mood which is perfect if you find yourself suffering from the blues over these dreary cold months!

High Potency Probiotic Support

When your gut does not function optimally, the rest of your body can suffer. Therefore, having exceptional gut health is important, especially over the winter months when there are more viruses to ward off that you may catch at work, school or out and about in your daily life. Probiotics are often referred to as “good bacteria” as they help replenish, balance and restore these bacteria and microorganisms in your digestive tract, improving your overall immunity. If you often find yourself sick and having to take medication such as antibiotics, add the High Potency Probiotic Support to your pack, as this will positively interact with your gut to regain balance.


Zinc is a mineral which may not come to mind when you think of beating the ills and chills this winter, but it is a powerful supplement for improving your immunity. Zinc has been found to aid in reducing the length of colds, as well as helping fight the body’s unwanted infection. Vitally offers Zinc in 15mg tablets so add one to your pack to help beat and prevent nasty colds from sneaking up on you! It’s also vegan friendly, and is chelated so it absorbs more quickly and efficiently into your system. 

Adding these vitamins to your monthly pack combined with a healthy, whole foods based diet, and an active lifestyle is sure to keep you and your body operating at its best and will help you kick the colds to the curb over the winter.

Add these immune-boosting supplements to your Vitally order, or complete our online health assessment and get a personalised recommendation here.